Saturday, October 18, 2008

7-10 DAYS!

A couple of weeks ago we were out running errands and having fun just spending time together. Rex went and hung out with his work friends for a while and I went shopping. When we met back up I told Rex that there was something that I wanted him to see because it was just unlike anything I'd ever seen before(counter height, 3 benches, two chairs). To Rex's surprise, we walked into the furniture section to check out this dining room set. We found ourselves walking away from it twice before sitting down for lunch. We talked about the possibility of it being a Christmas present from the family, etc., and then finally decided that we had to have it. We put it on layaway and left. Turns out that we are more excited about it than we expected. We paid it off right away and it will be here in the next week or two! This is going to look so awesome in our apartment! What do you think?

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