Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm writing down EVERYTHING!

I've been inspired by scrapbooking/life artist Ali Edwards for a long time and this week she is hosting a Week in the Life project online.  Basically, I'm living my life as usual with the added responsibility of writing EVERYTHING down in my uber-cool Zombie Escape Plan journal.  What I eat, what I do at work, what I do when I get home, morning routine, bedtime routine, etc.  I'm also taking a ton of photos of my everyday along the way: my desk at work, food, shoes left by the door, relaxing with the laptop, the drive to work, the price of gas, etc.  This week I collect, next week the real work starts as I will develop some sort of method/format/plan for scrapbooking the week.  The idea is to be able to look back and remember the little things, as well as to see how much things change.  Someday my days will be different, they won't be so carefree, someday I hope to have little ones who will love looking at our lives way back in 2008. :)

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