Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Day to Create

We got another snow day today so I am setting housework and schoolwork aside to create.  Here's my list of all the things I'm eager to do today:

*upload and edit photos from my camera 
      (including photos from the Superbowl party)
*finish at least one of my paintings
*more updates on this blog
*organize photos & supplies to plan for a 12 hour crop
*make Rex some more cards
*break out my new stamp set
*take photos of the snow
*create a new banner for the blog
*and maybe even scrapbook  a little!

No, I won't get all of this done.  These are just the fun things I have the option of doing.  Elsie's artwork (see photo mosaic above) really inspires me, can you tell?

P.S. I finally found the mosaic sight again, so you can expect to see lots of fun photos from now on. :)
*The items in red actually got done!


Jo said...

Lets make felt monsters!! They're on the mosaic...

Lynnbobscrap said...

Okay! And the cool felt heart too?

jo said...

for sure!

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