Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Getting Through the Week

Thought I would share this painting. I really hope to buy it someday because it makes me happy. It does a great job of reflecting my mood right now. I think it looks a lot like the way I picture us, a little serious, a tad mysterious, and on the verge of having way too much fun together. ( I also just adore hedgehogs!)

Here are my goals for the weekend:
(maybe if I write them down, I will actually stick to them)

1. Figure out my new toy (not telling yet, saving it for later)
2. Pat myself on the back for having both of our cars paid off
3. Get creative and actually get some scrapbooking done
4. Figure out the new writing lesson plans
5. Read a good magazine
6. Edit more of the vacation photos
7. Celebrate Rex's new job with him
8. Spend time with good friends over an amazing bowl of jambalaya

Until then.....Have fun storming the castle, I'll be here holding down the fort.

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