Monday, July 30, 2007

Must Be Time for a Break

Went to Rite Aid to grab a couple of birthday cards and walked out an hour and a half later with a couple of necessities and 45 cards! Normally I would not spend more than five minutes looking for cards, but I walked out with enough birthday cards for family and friends for the next couple of years to a tune of four dollars and fifty cents. That's right, perfectly good (normally expensive) cards for 10 cents a piece! What a steal! There's nothing like a good bargain to make my day.

Have spent some time online playing around with pictures, banners, etc. I guess it is about time to take a break and eat (Hungry? No, not me. See photo evidence above.). Then I'm going to take my new deck of cards and make some time to create today. (Stay tuned for evidence of this fun new project!)

Have a great one!

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