Friday, August 18, 2006

Our 3rd Anniversary

To celebrate our anniversary we headed out to explore Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills. We actually got lost driving around the campus but found it very relaxing. We enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful houses, statues and perfectly landscaped grounds, laughing and joking about the fact that we could run out of gas at any moment. Finally, we stopped at the Art Museum to ask directions and take a few pictures ( I took at least 30 photos waiting for Rex to return from the information desk.)
Next stop, the Science Museum. We spent the remainder of the day exploring the artifacts and attending a presentation on bats (I saw your bats and flying squirrel Kim!) that was really very interesting. When the doors finally closed for the day, there were still sights to be seen but we had an excellent time just wandering and learning.
We finished the day by having a late dinner (11:00) at a new restaurant down the road called Christi's, compliments of a gift certificate from a co-worker.
It was a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary.

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