Sunday, August 27, 2006

Favorites from the Zoo

This one of the baby gibbon is by far my favorite shot of the day!


Shelby said...

I found your Blog saved on the "my favorites" on our home computer here. I think you guys must have been cheking it out the other night after dinner here.

I think its absolutley fabulous!
I've spent about 20 min's or so looking around at all the photos and reading your blog. It makes me want to see your scrapbooks, I have no doubt that they are very organized and have a beautiful lay-out.

It was great seeing you and Rexmo this weekend. I'm looking forward to spending some more time and having some beer and turkey with you guys at Thanks Giving... if not sooner, and in that case we could save the turkey for turkey day... just have the beer:)

Love you Cousins!


Joy said...

Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog. I am curious what type of camera did you purchase. Your pictures are just beautiful! We currently have a digital camera and are in seach of a new one.

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