Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! (Still catching up from a couple of weeks ago.)

We got up early, Rex made me a fresh waffle at the breakfast bar, watched American Gladiators in the jacuzzi, and started our day.

Off for some light shopping, sightseeing, and photography while waiting for the rest of the troops to rise and show themselves.

Then it was off for a bite to eat. You can't visit Toledo without eating at Tony Packo's at least once!

Time to eat! 

(Check out my nachos...a must for me every time we're here.)


The boys were sporting the *rockstar* facial hair for this trip too. Don't they look...well...scary?

Our final stop on the trip was...

Warning: I posted way too many animal photos once again. They ARE good photos though...

This Sun Bear was the first animal we saw. I think he was happy to see us! (He did come running after all.)

Love that he sticks his tongue out when he sleeps.

We watched each other for quite a while.

At least the penguins were staying cool.

As we all know, I hate fish, but this was such a good picture I just had to share.

You should have seen this guy scaring the little kids. :)

Last but not least, we had a real close encounter with an elephant. We just happened to be at the elephant crossing when they went by. This one actually leaned over the fence and reached out to us. I was safely tucked back into a tree as I had the large lens on the camera and he was almost too close to get a good shot. Rex's heart might have skipped a beat or two...he was REALLY close!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Check out my new playlist ------->

Yes, that's it, at the top of the page, just to the right.  I gathered some random favorites for you to listen to as you visit.  If you would rather surf in silence, just hit the pause button (ll) right under the cute little cd photo.  If you love some of the songs more than others, you can choose to listen to any of them just by clicking on the individual song.  Just click on a lower song to see what else is further down the playlist.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's backtrack just a little..

So, a couple of weekends ago, Rex and I had tickets to a concert at DTE.  I knew the tickets were pretty close, 8th row in fact, what I didn't know was that they were dead center!  The concert was absolutely amazing, and it felt like the performers were singing right to us.  Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to.  Here are a couple of fun pictures from that night: (Notice how close...and that's with the pocket camera!)

Here's Chris Young...

...Jack Ingram...

And finally...Martina McBride! Here she's singing Concrete Angel...and yes, I cried.

Then on Saturday morning it was off to Toledo for the RADIOCRAFT show...

This one may have to go in our city skyline collection. Chicago...check, San Francisco...check, Cleveland...check, Detroit...check, Honolulu...check, and Toledo...check.

After checking into the hotel room, we decided to take a tour of the S.S. Boyer. This was my first time on a freighter. 

Super cool...super cool.

Going down into one of the cargo holds.

That's me on the very top deck! Nice view huh?

Then it was off to the concert!

That's RADIOCRAFT on a NATIONAL stage!

What a rock*!

Despite Chris' greatest efforts to always call us "the neighbors", Suzie actually knew my name. ;)

We stayed in a HUGE room. We felt like royalty!

Did I mention that it had a jacuzzi with it's own TV and ihome system?

More updates from this fun weekend...coming tomorrow.

Monday, July 21, 2008

CHA Summer 2008

My creation, originally uploaded by erxmo1.

I've been spending the last few days checking out the new product lines just coming out at CHA in Chicago this past weekend.  The hard part is always waiting the one to four months it takes for these goodies to show up in the stores.  Lots of fun new things that I can't wait to see in person!  If you are interested, check out Jackie's Flickr on the Lifetime Moments Website. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Back!

It's amazing how much I have found to fill my time since school got out a month ago!  I will be uploading A LOT of photos over the next couple of days in order to try and catch everyone up on our lives.  Since there is so much to share with you, let's start at the very beginning (of July that is) ... a very good place to start...

Happy Birthday to My Favorite 7 Year Old!

On July 2nd we celebrated this young man... next, me next...

...make a wish! (Cake made with love by Aunt Jenny)

Little Man is ready, check out the spoon!



...and fun...

...waiting for the sun to go down...


....neighbor Jeremy got into the act...


.... the grand finale...

... Rex bought me my Cricut for our 5th Anniversary 

(a little bit early) ... first project was a star for our local rock*...

...and Rex FINALLY got his 12 string Ovation!

That completes his music collection!
(For now anyway ;)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Have a Safe and Happy 4th!

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